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359: What does PaymentCurrency href point at?

April 5, 2007








Add an eCore reference for the PaymentCurrency IDREF:

A type describing the currency in which the payment relating to the leg amount (equity amount or interest amount) or the dividend will be denominated. The currency in which an amount is denominated. Specifies the method according to which an amount or a date is determined.


  • mgratacos

    05/24/07 9:00 am

    Looking at the examples, the current PaymentCurrency @href can point to two different targets:

    * PaymentCurrency itself
    * IdentifiedCurrency (Extends Currency type adding an id attribute)

  • mgratacos

    08/16/07 9:16 pm

    As agreed by AWG, the model should be amended. Current PaymentCurrency model and elements using this type should be deprecated. Instead, a choice between currency, determinationMethod, and currencyReference (of type CurrencyReference) should be inserted.

  • mgratacos

    08/23/07 5:10 pm

    This has been committed to the trunk.

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