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538: The meaning of optional Boolean fields is not always clear and consistent.

January 4, 2008




Modeling Task Force




Modeling change recommendation: Eliminate the optional empty element as a synonym for Boolean and replace with Boolean. This will clarify meaning, e.g. for short form vs. long form, at the expense of some extra verbosity.


  • iyermakova

    01/04/08 9:09 pm

    Reviewed at Modeling Task Force on 01-04-2008. Assigned the issue to CD Working Group.

  • lyteck

    07/30/08 8:08 pm

    The attached spreadsheet lists:
    1. Booleans of type xsd:Boolean
    2. Booleans of type Empty

    (previous version of the Excel Spreadsheet was last circulated in January via the MTF mailing list)

  • lyteck

    08/07/08 8:36 pm

    MTF 8/01/08 action item: Lyteck to split list of booleans by working group and ask for input on each, creating a separate issue for each WG.

  • mgratacos

    02/06/20 1:08 pm

    AWG 2020-02-06

    • Most empty elements were changed to booleans in version 5.0.
    • The issue can be closed.
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