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904: Business Day Convention – NotApplicable

January 9, 2009



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Equity Derivatives

FpML 6 (Build 1)





The Business Day Convention has a value of "NotApplicable" in the enumeration.

In other cases of a value being not applicable we have either omitted the element entirely, rather than add it and then add content to say it is not applicable.

For the sake of consistency and simplicity of processing, please consider this case.


  • mgratacos

    01/16/09 4:52 pm

    MTF thinks that the ‘NotApplicable’ value was introduced in the Equities area.

    We recommend removing the ‘NotApplicable’ value and elements using AdjustableDate and used to use ‘NotApplicable’ should now use AdjustableDate2 and not populate the businessDayConvention element.

    EQDWG needs to be evaluate the impact of this change.

  • mgratacos

    01/28/09 7:59 am

    2009-01-26: The Coordination Committee discussed the introduction of the value NotApplicable. It was introduced in Equities but before removing it and making the elements use the type AdjustableDate2, from a legal perspective it needs to be confirmed that the value is not used. Andrew Parry confirmed that the value is used when the convention is defined in the master confirmation. Marc suggested that maybe a better value would be AsSpecifiedInMasterConfirmation, which is used in other cases like the calculationAgent. However, Henri pointed out that the introduction of a matrix in equities may also have an impact on the date elements using AdjustableDate so more flexibility may be required. In needs some additional research and see impact of equity matrix.

  • matthewdr

    07/27/09 2:44 pm

    Asked Marc Gratacos to chase this up to close it down to a decision and also a general principle to be captured in the Modelling Guidelines for consistency across FpML.

  • mgratacos

    08/01/19 11:43 am

    AWG 2019-08-01

    • The NotApplicable value comes from the equities model where there is a lot of date referencing within the products.
    • We agreed to change this in FpML version 6.0 by removing NotApplicable and using AdjustableDate2 type instead of AdjustableDate. We cannot introduce the change before.
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