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943: Single context per rule

June 10, 2009




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I propose we introduce the principle that each rule must have a single context. If a rule currently has multiple contexts then it must be split into multiple rules.

If a rule has multiple contexts, then it is merely coincidence that it works across both structures. If it works across multiple contexts because of a common supertype, then the rule should be moved to the supertype instead.

Relying on this coincidence doesn't work well for statically typed rule languages - such as OCL and NRL. XPath and XQuery cope well, but rule languages tend not to support this usage.

I am sure Daniel and Christian would have particularly useful comments on this.


  • ruleContext .xls
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  • matthewdr

    07/21/09 1:53 pm

    Discussed at the VWG.

    Daniel proposed that we should check the examples (e.g. eqd-26), to see if there should be a common supertype or be split into two or more rules.

    Agreed to establish a principle that each rule should have a single context. This should be thoroughly enforced for version 5.

    Agreed to formulate a spreadsheet of all the examples and decided for each whether there should be a common supertype or two rules.

  • matthewdr

    07/28/09 1:22 pm

    Discussed at the VWG today. Irina agreed to produce the spreadsheet showing multiple context and classifying whether to split each or create a common supertype.

  • iyermakova

    08/07/09 8:52 pm

    Added a spreadsheet showing multiple contexts and classifying whether a rule has multiple contexts or merely coincidence. VAL WG will review the list and determine whether it can be split or create a common supertype.

  • danieldui

    03/29/10 3:21 pm

    Discussed on meetings on 2010-03-09 and 2010-03-23.

    The group agreed to keep rules as they are: With multiple contexts. FpML 5.0 should solve the problem. Decided to make support for multiple context a requirement for revised rule language.

  • danieldui

    03/29/10 3:31 pm

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