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999: commodity-reference-price-1-0.xml et al Code values are strings – not codes

January 12, 2010









The values used in commodity-reference-price-1-0.xml for Codes use a string and not a code value: e.g. "COCOA-GBP-EURONEXT LIFFE" and "BENZENE-CONTRACT BENZENE (FOB USGC/GAL)-GALLON-B&D"

Ditto: floating-rate-index-2-1.xml: "CAD-ISDA-Swap Rate" commodity-business-calendar-2-2.xml: "BM&F" - possibly others.

Is there a technical justification for departure from a Code? I can see our internal infrastructure needing major surgery to cater for this.

Is there a characterset definition for code values? We had assumed Codes were limited to a-z, A-Z,0-9,-



  • mgratacos

    08/04/10 8:51 am

    These are codes published by ISDA within the ISDA Commodity Definitions, not FpML codes. Each code has a legal definition.

  • SteveTurner

    08/10/10 12:01 pm

    Although these may be business ‘codes’ they are not in a computing sense any form of code. As a codelist value is meant to provide a codified form of some business concept (e.g. ISN, CUSIP, ISO country and currency codes, FpML asset-measure etc) that is easily handled by computer systems.

    I request the architecture SIG take a look at this issue. In my view we should have a characterset here that FpML would also accept as enumeration values.

  • danieldui

    08/18/10 12:51 am

    I agree with Steve. These kind of codes can cause problems.

    I think that new codes should not include chars like “(“, “&”, spaces etc. and perhaps should have a limited length.

    If a term like “BENZENE-CONTRACT BENZENE (FOB USGC/GAL)-GALLON-B&D” is a standard ISDA term, it could be referenced somewhere in the genericode definition. So that the mapping from a normalised FpML code and ISDA code is clear.

    I am not sure about what’s best to do with the existing codes. The schema doc and the architecture don’t seem to have a section on coding scheme versioning and guidelines about deprecation/removal of codes. But I recall that this was discussed in the past within the AWG.

  • mgratacos

    08/18/10 8:50 am

    We can create a new version of the scheme but we should define the restrictions in terms of allowed character set.

  • danieldui

    08/18/10 9:22 am

    We could use the NMTOKEN or the NCName XML Schema built-in types. They are still a bit liberal because they allow “.” and non-latin characters.

    Otherwise we could say that it should match…

  • iyermakova

    07/23/18 10:04 am

    Issue re-assigned

  • iyermakova

    07/23/18 10:05 am

    The issue is closed.

    FpML commodity-reference-price-1-0.xml and other FpML coding schemes were updated to remove non-standard characters. The AWG proposed and the Standards Committee approved the proposal to limit the characters in the codding scheme to the first 128 ASCII codes going forward and change existing codes that are not compliant (e.g., – with -, curly open/close quotes, remove special characters, trademark symbols).

    The change was implemented in Dec-15-2015 with the Coding Scheme Catalog 1-73 , FpML commodity-reference-price changed its version to 3.x.

  • iyermakova

    07/23/18 10:07 am

    The issue is closed.

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