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    Is there a definitive guide as to which industry standard agreements come under each of the defined types in ?

    The ISDA ones are obvious but where do you draw the line between Other and Bespoke?
    Same for some of the French agreements. Which are “FBF”, which are “Other”?


    Dear Colin, first off my sincere apologies for the unacceptable delay in replying to your query.

    Currently the scheme includes only a “Bespoke” code (definition: A Bespoke (custom) Master Agreement, including one-off agreements for transactions). There is no “Other” code that could be used. Was your suggestion to add “Other” so there could be a distinction between Other and Bespoke. The approach with FpML coding schemes is rather than creating an “other” bucket, new codes are added for new items for which a code doesn’t already exist (e.g. a new master agreement, a new business center…)

    If I did not fully understand your question let’s reopen the dialogue if this is still an issue. Again sorry for the delay. If you have any more questions please revert back and we’ll make certain they are answered in a timely fashion.

    Lyteck / The FpML Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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