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294: EntityName

February 7, 2007




Modeling Task Force




The definition is missing.

Shouldn't this be plain "Name"?


  • apparry

    03/07/07 12:06 pm

    In general we should not prefix element names where they have a clear context within a container

    JPM supports this ( AJ, AP, MR, HMcA )

  • mgratacos

    11/27/07 5:22 pm

    CDWG 2007-11-28 – shall update EntityName and entityName annotation: “The name of the reference entity. A free format string. FpML does not define usage rules for this element.”

  • mgratacos

    11/29/07 10:48 pm

    Updated annotation has been committed to trunk (4.4) and 4.3 branch.

  • mgratacos

    04/22/10 4:34 pm

    The CDWG decided not to change the names of the elements in 5.x and keep them the same as 4.x in order to keep product definitions as close as possible with the 4.x versions.

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