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295: Factor exercise

February 7, 2007




Equity Derivatives

FpML 6 (Build 1)





The exercise structure needs factoring:


EquityEuropeanExercise expirationDate equityExpirationTimeType equityExpirationTime

AmericanExercise commencementDate expirationDate relevantUnderlyingDate earliestExerciseTime latestExerciseTime expirationTime multipleExercise exerciseFeeSchedule

BermudaExercise bermudaExerciseDates relevantUnderlyingDate earliestExerciseTime latestExerciseTime multipleExercise exerciseFeeSchedule

EuropeanExercise expirationDate relevantUnderlyingDate earliestExerciseTime expirationTime partialExercise exerciseFee

SharedAmericanExercise commencementDate expirationDate latestExerciseTime

The changes required: 1. Standardize on the use of date or time for dateTime fields. 2. Factor latestExpirationTime and lastExerciseTime into Exercise supertype


  • apparry

    03/07/07 11:59 am

    JPM supports this ( AJ, AP, MR, HMcA )

  • matthew

    04/04/07 12:17 pm

    Andrew – please progress.

  • apparry

    03/10/08 9:06 am

    Proposal adopted by consensus at FpML EQD WG Meeting 1400 LDN Fri 07 March 2008 as per branch FpML-5-0-EQD-1 at rev. 3397

    Please see also attached proposal document, but note that element automaticExercise is now optional, as this is specified in MCA

    MTF should study moving content into Exercise abstract base class

  • BrianLynn

    05/30/08 5:17 pm

    MTF recommends:
    – EQD exercise types should derive from the general shared types (e.g. EquityAmericanExercise from AmericanExercise)
    – If EQD requires changes to the base types to be able to do this, that group should recommend the specific changes that are required.

  • mgratacos

    06/12/20 5:50 am

    AWG 2020-06-04

    • Agreed to remodel the equities products in version 6.0.
    • We’ll keep the proposal under consideration.
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