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298: BrokerConfirmation is weakly defined.

February 7, 2007









The type BrokerConfirmation is weakly defined:

1. The element has one mandatory child element. What data does this element convey that its children don't? Can it be flattened? 2. The definition is rhetorical. It needs more flesh. 3. brokerConfirmationType is a type - the word type is redundant and should be removed.

An entity for details on the broker confirm. The type of broker confirmation executed between the parties.


  • apparry

    03/07/07 11:58 am

    This is a confirmation message sent from the executing broker to the parties to the execution

    The model appears wrong, it is both weakly defined, and incorrectly located

    JPM supports this ( AJ, AP, MR, HMcA )

  • mgratacos

    11/21/07 2:59 pm

    CDWG: participants (DTCC and T-Zero) think that it’s not worth doing these changes.

  • mgratacos

    11/21/07 3:01 pm

    There are some architectural about naming and containers that should be tackled by the Modelling Task Force.

  • mgratacos

    11/27/07 5:13 pm

    Suggestion from Ben: Identifies the market sector in which the trade has been arranged.

  • mgratacos

    12/07/07 9:08 am

    Documentation of the complex type has been updated in the 4.3 (4.3 branch) and 4.4 (trunk).

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